A Portrait of Shadows and Light

I created A Portrait of Shadows and Light as gift of love to my mother in law, Irene Kanka, who never understood why I insist on photographing her.

Irene is one of the few lucky survivors who came out of the Auschwitz concentration camp walking on their two feet. Four of her sisters did not. Despite going through the darkest of time, she still, at the age of 94, radiates an aura of goodness and light. 
Her daily life is a blend of the ordinary and the remembered. Framed images in her bedroom, a few surviving photographs from “before”. Whenever I visit, “those times” are as present as the sun shining through the lace curtain, creating patterns of shadow and light.

This project ended abruptly on February 2017, when just a few months before her 95th birthday, the shadows finally conquered the light.