Heartbeat of the night

This project was born on a full moon night. Following the many stories and legends born on this night, I took my camera for a walk, ready to explore. Two hours later, with the memory card full of images and the imagination overflowing with stories, I was fully engaged in a new project.

This nocturnal walk started a pattern of brisk morning walks spent scouting followed by longer contemplative night ones spent shooting. At night, with the all-important sight reduced, the other senses are sharpened; sounds gain prominence, smells provide clues to things that cannot be seen. I follow the path of lights and the smell of Jasmine. Best of all, the imagination is released and is free to wander - and wonder, weaving views and memories together into new stories. A rabbit on the balcony brings to mind Alice in Wonderland, and a lace curtain, memories of my grandmother.

Some images were left almost untouched while others were melded together, weaving memories and experiences into new visual stories. The name of this series echoes Ruben Dario's poem, "Nocturne" while its visual soul was inspired by the wonderful images of Paris by night captured by Brassai.

 You who have heard the heartbeat of the night,
you who have heard in the long sleepless hours,
a closing door, the rumble of distant wheels,
a vague echo, a wandering sound from somewhere. . .  
  "Nocturne" by Reuben Dario