Left behind

The garden was always my special place, the closeness to nature providing the much-needed balance at the beginning and end of the most hectic day. It is no wonder that now when I need to move on and shift the center of my life across the ocean, the garden becomes the symbol of all the things I have to leave behind.

The “Left behind” series is my way of dealing with the difficulty of parting from loved ones and the fear of moving outside the comfort zone, trading the familiar for the unknown.

Inspired by the giants of photography Minor White and Alfred Stieglitz, I chose to give voice to my emotions through nature imagery. In this project, the main protagonists are the seeds symbolizing separation as well as regrowth. The house, and garden become the stage. Like the seeds carried by the wind, I drift between the rooms and the garden, camera in hand, planting rows of memories in my imaginary inner gardens. 


(for some behind the scene images, see  the link below)

Left behind - behind the scenes