Books and catalogs:

       "Seeing in Sixes 2017", a LensWork book showcasing a collection of six image projects, featuring "Spirit and Dust".  

       "Seeing in Sixes 2016", a LensWork book showcasing a collection of six image projects, featuring "A portrait of shadows and light".  Available for purchase via    LensWork here 

       "Misthaven", a catalog including a selection of images from the portfolio. Available for purchase here


Magazines and online publications:

Adore Noire, issue 33, August 2016 featuring “Misthaven” portfolio

Black & White magazine, December 2017 issue, spotlight winner featuring “Between Here and Then”

Black & White, special issue 2016 contest winners featuring "Misthaven" portfolio

The Hand, issue 16, featuring “Afterlife of a rose” 

The Hand, issue 17, featuring “Illusions of Strength” 

Plates to Pixels, The Visual Armistice, 10th Annual Juried Showcase March 2017 featuring “Private moment”                                                              

LensWork, Jan-Feb 2017 issue featuring “A portrait of Shadows and Light”

Shadow and Light, July – August 2016 issue, single image showcase featuring “Misthaven” #11

SHOTS, issue 132, SUMMER 2016, featuring Misthaven #9      

SHOTS, issue 136, SUMMER 2017, featuring Misthaven #24                      

Fraction magazine, issue #86, 8th Anniversary issue                                                                                                                                                       

Still Point Art quarterly, Summer 2016, issue 22

Still point Art quarterly, summer 2015, issue 18

F-Stop issue #78 “The human body” – group exhibition section featuring “Misthaven #18” Juror Sarah Hudley.

F-Stop issue #73 “Where I live” – group exhibition section

F-Stop issue #71 “Humans vs. Nature” – group exhibition section

F-Stop issue #70 “New beginnings” - group exhibition section

Israeli lens #3“Light”

Israeli lens #6“Nature”

Israeli lens #9“Cultures around the world”

Lens magazine #15“The big Black and White issue” 



Lenscratch, June 9, 2016 – featuring “Misthaven”                                                                                                                                                                             

Phoblographer blog interview on “Misthaven”, March 3rd, 2016

Woman in photography blog interview on “Misthaven”, Feb 25th,2016