wind chimes,

         hazy moon plays hide and seek

                                       with scent of lemons;

I love the quiet. The way its emptiness gets filled with scents, sounds, thoughts and feelings.

Until not so long ago, flights used to be my only quiet moments. Time when I disconnect from emails, tasks and action items. Between earth and sky, I could dive into a book, sip a glass of wine and hear myself think. A few month ago, on a long flight from US to Israel, drawn to the early morning light, I started photographing the clouds. The horizon above the horizon, where clouds meet sky. That's when the quiet moments turned from a way to disconnect (escape) to an opportunity to connect (embrace).

This portfolio is a collection of quiet moments. Photographed in different places, at different times of day, it is the subtle nuances of these moments that touched my heart. Their fragile beauty that seems at odds with the ‘louder, faster, higher’ world around us. These moments never last, yet they hold the promise for more to come. If we just stop and listen to the quiet.