Winter Sun

At first, I was lured by the sheer beauty of the winter sun. Pouring through the trees, mixed up with morning mist like a shimmering fabric of light.

After a few stormy days, the rain ponds came to be. Where only yesterday trees stood in patches of brownish grass, there was a rippling mirror reflecting trees that seemed to be rooted in clouds. The brownish grass and the most ordinary weeds looked as if painted by a master calligrapher.

New forms were born, out of nowhere.

As I write this, it is the beginning of spring. The sun is already warmer and higher in the sky. The last of its winter magic shines on the first leaf buds. The rain ponds will disappear soon, changing back into patchy grass like Cinderella returning to wearing her everyday dress. 

This portfolio strives to capture that intangible place where the mundane touches the spiritual, the impermanent becomes part of the eternal.

When we are nature and nature is us.